Part of the Dream Team

Friday Oct 4th, 2019

Share Ask anyone - Bosley agents are the best out there. Not only are they the experts to rely on when buying or selling your home, they are also driven, critical thinkers, who work hard and know the value of what they do. This is why we know Meegan was the right fit as soon as we met her. Meegan has only been with Bosley since early 2019, but... [read more]

Creative Approach

Friday Feb 15th, 2019


When there is a lack of inventory in the GTA, you have to get creative to ensure your buyer clients have a chance at obtaining something they will be really happy with.  I know the layout my clients are looking for and during my research, I would that layout and it is in their budget.  The only hurrdle..... there are no homes for sale in this townhome complex.  This is where I need to get creative for my clients.  I write these hand letters explaining my buyer wants and also... [read more]

Market Insight - Jan 25th 2019

Tuesday Jan 29th, 2019


MARKET UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JANUARY 25TH, 2019 We are almost a month into 2019 and it feels like the Toronto real estate market is getting a fresh start. As we enter a more balanced market, the discussion is still about the lack of inventory. We are all watching for signals that buyer sentiment will heat up. In recent months home price growth has faltered, mortgage rates have risen to their highest point in nearly eight years, and favor has started to shift... [read more]