The Toronto Neighbourhood Of Downsview...The Best Is Yet To Come!

Wednesday Oct 26th, 2022



The Toronto Neighbourhood Of Downsview...The Best Is Yet To Come!

Are you thinking of moving to North Toronto but hesitant about not being in the city core??  Not to worry!!  Im Meegan Dennie a real estate agent in Toronto Ontario Canada andiIn this video, let me show you why the vibrant and developing neighbouhood of Downsview is a great place to live and invest in. 


I dont want to get too much into the history and focus more on the present and future of the neighbourhood but Downsview was originally known for its farming and aviation, hence the Downsview airport at Sheppard Ave West.  For a few years now, we have known that the airport will be shutting down in 2025 and this will leave over 500 acres to be redeveloped!!  I will get into more of that later in the video. 

 Downsview boundaries are North on Sheppard Ave W, East of  The Allen or some call it Dufferin St, south Along the 401 and West to Highway 400.  

It is super convenient for commuters.  Trust me, I am all over Toronto,, York Region and Peel region and can get anywhere in 25-30 mins.  That’s really not bad at all for this city.   Transit is also pretty great in this area and will only continue to expand.  There are two subway stops on Line 1 -  at Sheppard ave w and Wilson station as well as the Go station at the Downsview park station.  

The detached housing market is a big mixture of lovely mature neighbourhoods off Keele & Jane with huge lot sizes from old bungalows to 2- storey homes and even newly built homes.  Perfect lot sizes for pools or for Gardens Suites for the in-laws or rental income.  Detached homes in the area start Around $1 million all the way up to approx. $3 million..

Just south of Downsview Parc to Wilson Ave,  you have new townhomes and low and high rise condo’s.  Condo’s in this area can start at approx. $400 thousand to approx. $1.5 million.  

As I stated before there will be some huge developments happening in this area with the closure of Downsview airport.  Part of the plan is to keep approximately 100Acres of green space.  They also want to make the GO and Subway lines connect.  Along the airport Runway (Which they will be keeping), they will be adding commercial and residential buildings!  There are also talks about creating a new multi million dollar film studio which will be a huge boost for local employment. 

BUT what does Downsview offer right now??

Downsview has some infamous attractions ready to be enjoyed.  From Downsview Park that is 190 acres of beautiful nature trails, and a huge pond.  The park also hosts free movie nights in the summer, Canada Day fireworks and many huge concerts such as the VELD concert.  The Downsview merchant & farmers market is also another great staple in this community and open on weekends.  Along with the arena and soccer fields, and the centennial college campus.

In Short, this area has a ton of potential & great schools!  All around this neighbourhood you can visibly see the culture, the art, the history and the future that is the neighbourhood of Downsview.

Speaking of near and dear to my heart, watch my next video as I take you around the neighbourhood of Willowdale.  You wont want to miss it!  My name is Meegan Dennie, please call me for all of your Toronto and GTA real estate needs. :)


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