When is the Best time to sell your home?

Monday Jul 25th, 2022


When is the Best time to sell your home?


So, You are considering selling but you want to know when Is the best time to sell? I'm Meegan Dennie, a realtor in the competitive market of Toronto Ontario Canada and I've got just 4 simple points that will definitely help you decide! 



#1 Why not right now???

There is no time like the present. And Yes, I know how that sounds a bit salesy but honestly, None of us have a crystal ball or can predict the future.  But what we do know is the present! 

You are able to get caught up on the current market events, what’s going on in your area and more importantly, You can know what your home is worth right now!  That really helps with the buying process as well especially if your down payment is coming from the current sale of your home.  A lot of people try to chase the market but end up disappointed with the results.

It is unpredictable! There is so much out there that we have zero control over like Interest rates, or a plandemic as an example.


#2 You should sell when you are ready!

This is a process.  A lot of people have emotional attachments to their homes but There are also many life circumstances that play a role.  Like maybe you need to downsize, or you are having another baby and need the extra space.  Maybe you have to move for a new job…sometimes we just HAVE to sell!


#3 There is or was something to say about the seasonal times

Almost everyone that can wait, will wait for the Spring market -The months between March -May.. to list their home for sale.

Covid has kind of thrown us off this original historical pattern,, but history often repeats itself.

So why the spring? Well everything is in bloom, people are over the gray and snowy winter months and are ready to be done with hibernating and that brings all the buyers out to shop for real estate!!

As we continue through the year, buyers tend to get what we call, buyer fatigue. If buyers are looking for a couple of months and have lost out on a few offers, they will usually hit a buyer fatigue and take the summer off to enjoy..

All of us are just busier during the summer, with BBQ’s, weddings, cottage life, etc.  So much is going on and we take advantage of every minute of summer!

Buyers are not as focused and or motivated during the summer months.

The next high seasonal peak is typically the Fall Market which is September to November. Right before the Winter and Snow starts.


#4 Something else to consider, Is the house ready?

Remodeling & Reno’s!

What preparations need to be considered to get your house ready for top dollar??  How long will this take?

As an example, If you are doing some bigger renovations like kitchens, flooring, bathrooms… vs painting and staging only… that needs to be considered.

Your realtor can help you with these plans and strategize on what will get you your biggest bang for your buck!


Which leads me to my next Video…Should I do improvements prior to selling, or sell AS-IS?  https://youtu.be/KgF_SW0YYSE


-My name is Meegan Dennie, call me for your Toronto & GTA real estate needs. :)

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