Part of the Dream Team

Friday Oct 04th, 2019


Ask anyone - Bosley agents are the best out there. Not only are they the experts to rely on when buying or selling your home, they are also driven, critical thinkers, who work hard and know the value of what they do.

This is why we know Meegan was the right fit as soon as we met her. Meegan has only been with Bosley since early 2019, but she is already an important and active part of our team. We spoke to her candidly to learn more about her journey to real estate and why Bosley stands out as a useful resource to push agents to the top of their game. 

The big career change

After working as a district manager for a financial services company, Meegan wanted a change of pace. She had always been good with people and as soon as we met her it was obvious that her customer service and management skills were top-notch. We knew she would make an excellent addition to the Bosley team and an outstanding agent for our clients. 

The journey so far

Meegan loves that she gets to indulge her entrepreneurial spirit while knowing she has the support of Bosley and her fellow agents behind her. The agents and management at Bosley come from varied backgrounds, are experts in diverse areas of the real estate industry, and love sharing and spreading this knowledge throughout the company. Meegan notes that the people around her at Bosley are motivated, open, and always ready to brainstorm and learn from each other. 

A unique factor at Bosley Real Estate

The tools and resources offered to Bosley agents are unmatched. In fact, Bosley was the first agency to implement an in-house training program for new agents.  Bosley University  (or Bosley U as it’s known around the office) is a ten-part personalized training program that covers everything a new Bosley agent like Meegan needs to know. “It’s your opportunity to ask anything,” Meegan tells us of her experience. “We learned from top agents what has made them successful and how they continue to think outside the box for their clients.”

The learning doesn’t stop with new agents. Bosley organizes ‘Mastermind’ workshops to help agents of all experience levels to provide the best possible customer service.  “Mastermind sessions are an opportunity for agents to participate in collaborative round-table or brainstorming sessions,” says Meegan. “You get to hear from people with a variety of expertise and different opinions and approaches.”

Opportunities galore!

Have you ever heard of a real estate agency striving to provide such extensive training? In addition to Bosley U and our Mastermind workshops, we make sure to provide seminars every few weeks for our agents featuring expert speakers from inside and outside the real-estate world. Meegan says that the knowledge she has gained through these sessions is invaluable. The topics range from branding, resource management, and problem-solving to client communication and negotiation. We’re proud to have Meegan as part of the Bosley team – she is constantly evolving, learning, and growing. At Bosley Real Estate, we see it as our job to make sure Meegan always has the tools she needs to be a successful real estate agent.

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